Top 5 Agribisiness ideas for 2017!!

Still wondering what agribusiness to venture into all in the spirit of diversification? Then keep reading!! 
Here are our 5 top picks for a profitable Agribisiness venture;

1). Commercial snail farming:

Snail farming is right in the top of this list for the following reasons:

  • Most expensive and sort out meat in the market. This can be attributed to its high protein, iron and calcium content. 
  • Inputs such as capital, labor, and technical inputs required for startup is relatively low compared to other livestock farming businesses.
  • Most importantly with snail farming you are guaranteed 100% ROI! 

2) . Fish Farming:

Over 50% of Nigerian households will eat something that contains fish today. That’s right, Fish! This is a staple food in every Nigerian home and people eat it every week.
The fishes that are most highly in the demand are cat fishes and tilapia. There’s way more than enough market for them in Nigeria, and they will always sell out of your stock as soon as they’re grown, based on the buyer’s specifications.
The size of your fish farm determines a lot in how profitable you’d be. The larger your space, the larger your fish products, and the potentially higher your sales would be. Hotels, restaurants, fast-foods, and hospitals (homes inclusive) buy a lot of fishes on a daily basis. This agricultural business idea is one you can start today.

3) Cassava Farming:
The demand for cassava products in Nigeria cannot be accurately quantified. The uses and demand far exceeds the supply.

By-products like garri, fufu, and bread, are the daily staple foods of almost every Nigerian. 95% of Nigerian households consume one of these meals everyday.

The endless uses of cassava for meals, and even for alcohol has made it’s demand far exceed it’s supply and as such, many local farmers are reaping good profits from growing this crop. It’s diverse use has over time made it one of the most profitable agricultural business idea (at a good scale) any entrepreneur can start.

4). Grain Farming:
Nigerians and Africans as a whole consume millions of tons of rice, wheat, and oats every year. These are standard meals that every African family consumes in a week. In Nigeria for instance, almost every home eats rice on Sunday afternoons. Most other homes consume wheat everyday, and others consume oats. These meals account for a very large volume of food consumed in the country.
What’s more interesting is the fact that Nigeria still imports thousands of tons of grains everyday. In 2013 alone, Nigeria imported wheat worth $1 billion dollars. This shows the true potential of grain farming and it’s possibilities. Widespread local production can cut the importation by half and create thousands of millionaires from growing grains alone. This is one lucrative agricultural business idea you can startup.

 5). Tomato Farming:

Did you know that over $500 million dollars worth of tomato pastes are imported into Nigeria every year? Yes, $500 million dollars! The answer is simple, the supply is far lower than the demand.
This is one agricultural venture that goes unnoticed. A lot of people tend to look elsewhere never realising that this profitable enterprise has always been staring them in the face.
If you’re looking for lesser competition, grow tomatoes. Once you can find a way to transport, grow (in a large scale) and keep them looking fresh for a long time, the sky would be your stepping stone! Plus our greenhouse technology will ensure your success on this one! 

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