Who We Are

Farmvest seeks to add value by using its knowledge base, relationships and industry experience to support organic growth.
Our values
Good stewardship
We practice excellent stewardship of our investors’ money, our partners’ trust, and our firm’s reputation. To us, good stewardship can be achieved by picking the best partners with similar values and strategic thinking that focuses on the horizon to ensure a productive, prosperous future for our partner companies and investors.
We strive for exemplary conduct and personal integrity in all our interactions. Our work is guided by a commitment to making ethical decisions that pay dividends both personally and professionally, in the short term and the long term.
 Relationship Building
Our success is rooted in our ability to create constructive, mutually beneficial partnerships with the right people. We are a collaborative hub, building strategic alliances among our investors, portfolio company owners and management teams, and other industry participants to deliver positive, profitable and sustainable results.

Our keys to success
Our work begins with a comprehensive analysis of trends, cycles, regulations, and gaps in the agribusiness sectors to develop thematic opportunities. Once identified, we focus on the sectors that offer high-growth potential due to consumption trends or paradigm shifts. We look out for the most viable ones and proffer expert solutions to our partners.
Our team is comprised of professionals with experience managing and investing in agribusiness. We complement our expertise by calling upon sector specialists to help tackle the dynamic complexities of the agricultural industry. We also utilize the experience and network of our Advisory Board to guide strategic choices and evaluate opportunities.


Our role, as an investor, is to be a supportive partner. We seek out and build relationships with clients, management teams and co-investors that can complement Farmvest’s expertise and add strategic and operational value.


Our approach is founded on the premise that agriculture is a forever asset requiring diligence and excellent management.