What We Do

Farmvest Nigeria Ltd. is one of the premier agribusiness and industrial consulting group. Backed by rich agricultural & industrial experience, we are engaged in offering our clients suitable consultancy services to agribusiness projects, food processing industries & other industrial set-ups.

Our mandate is basically in the agricultural and agribusiness oriented and allied industries and covers the procurement of materials and services under the following categories

Agribusiness Consulting


  • Agribusiness start-ups

project identification and formulation

preparation of detailed project report

project planning services

  • Agribusiness management
  • Capacity building and training

Agricultural Research and Extension services


  • Farmers outreach
  • Agricultural extension program planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Farm support services.

Agro-allied Import and Export business


  • Import of agro allied technologies
  • Export of agro commodities
  • Processing and packaging facilitation
  • Inbound and outbound logistics facilitation